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The Distance of Rhymes

and Other Tragedies


Hardly a book about misfortunes, The Distance of Rhymes and Other Tragedies is an excursion in storytelling down delicate and misty roads. At once adoring and passionate, each story bravely maintains a quality reminiscent of old fables but with a netherworldly hum. That it's a foray into the murkier side of the human soul is never in doubt, but one that offers illumination even as it ferrets for answers in the dark.

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An old poet spends his days away from the girl he loves, bridging the distance only with rhymes. A magical green rose finds its way into the hands of a former lover, finally heaping vengeance on the past. A rebel grapples to make sense of his years in jail by writing a letter to his only daughter. A penitent professor scours the darkness for words and pens his apologies in blood. A woman holds on to fainting memories of another life with nothing but the scent of flowers. Beneath an explosion of light a child is born, only to be murdered by the very faith it has inspired.


The Distance of Rhymes and Other Tragedies

University of Santo Tomas Publishing House





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